Signing Ceremony for the Grant Assistance of the Grass-Roots Human Security Projects in Moldova in 2019

Opening speech by Ambassador Masanobu Yoshii                                 Speech by Ms. Viorica Dumbraveanu,
                                                                                                                     Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection

Speech by Mr. Ion Ceban,                                                  State of signature between Ambassador and
Mayor of Chisinau                                                                   representative of organization

 On January 14, 2020, a grant contract with a medical institution for the implementation of the Grass-Roots Human Security Project was signed in Chisinau.
  This project will be carried out, for improving medical facilities. It is expected that the implementation of this project will contribute to the overall improvement of living standards in Moldova.

1. “the Project for Modernization of Medical Equipment in Municipal Clinical Hospital for Children No.1 in Chisinau” (57,240 USD);